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The OJOTC Shabbat during AOTA’s Annual Conference in Philadelphia turned into a wonderful family affair.


Our Shabbat program was held in the Marriott Philadelphia, as part of the AOTA Multi-Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Network’s annual meeting program.



In past years, a couple of spouses had joined their OT partners for our Shabbat meals. But this year, there were more.


Former AOTA President Barbara Kornblau not only was joined by her husband Larry Sherry who has been an annual guest at our Shabbat, but also by two of their older children.


And Shoshana Shamberg not only brought her husband, but only three of their children for our meals. In fact, their son Lev helped us end the Shabbat with a beautiful Havdalah in our banquet room of the Philadelphia Marriott, while their daughter Sivia held the candle.  Shoshana’s parents also joined her for Shalosh Seudot.


It was a very special Conference for Shoshana.  She was among those honored by induction into the AOTA Roster of Fellows, and her family joined the rest of her friends and colleagues in celebration her honor.  Shoshana was recognized as an “Advocator, Networker, and Educator for Accessible Solutions”.


This year’s Shabbat program was also notable for where those attending came from.  In addition to OJOTC members from New York, New Jersey and Maryland, there were OT’s from Israel, from Washington State and from Nebraska.  And several of those who joined us found out about our Shabbat program from flyers posted at conference.  They were warmly welcomed by those who had planned to spend Shabbat meals together.


We even had a New Yorker who was attending a nursing conference in Philadelphia who heard about our Shabbat program and joined us.


Speaking of the meals, they were scrumptious and the food was plentiful.  Catered by the Cherry Grill of Cherry Hill, New Jersey (just across the river from Philadelphia). Salad, Gefilte Fish, chicken with sides with fruit and brownies for dessert Friday night.  Salad, deli, chicken cutlets, sides with fruit and cookies for dessert (in addition to plenty of leftovers from Friday night) for Shabbat lunch.



Shalosh Seudot was a combined of leftovers and a variety of items that we all brought to share.


All in all, it was a wonderful way to spend Shabbat together – even if it was just a day before Pesach.


Next year – Indianapolis – two weeks AFTER Pesach.  Pesach ends April 14, 2012 -- Conference begins April 26.


Mark your calendars now.


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